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7 metrics for measuring online customer service

Is your company planning to introduce a customer service chat or are you wondering how to get more out of the chat service you already have? Measuring customer service chat is often overlooked 
In this blog article, we've collected 9 sample metrics to help you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your online customer service.

Number of chat conversations

The number of customer service chats is one of the most common things measured when it comes to online customer service. While it provides a good overview, it is not a sufficient indicator in itself. 

Number of conversations completed / most popular tags

Tagging a customer service chat is the process of assigning categories or keywords to the conversations that have taken place with specific topic tags. Subject tags can be, for example, sales, complaints or appointments. This makes it easier to keep track of the types of conversations that customer service is having.

Average duration of chat conversations

In customer service, time is of the essence. Customer service agents should be able to serve customers in the best possible way and still be able to do so quickly enough. It is therefore important for online customer service to try to monitor the duration of chat conversations and set goals for the average duration of a conversation.

Response time

The speed with which a customer service agent responds to a customer's request to chat has an impact on both the number of abandoned chat conversations and customer satisfaction.

Number of resolved cases

The goal of customer service chat is not just to have a nice chat with customers, but to help them and solve any problems they may have. It is therefore important to measure in particular the percentage of customer service cases that are resolved during the first contact or conversation. For example, if certain situations cannot be resolved during the first conversation, and the customer has to contact customer service again, it is worth investigating whether this is due to company policy or practice.

Number of conversations leading to a purchase

Do you know how many customer service conversations become a lead to the sales department or even a direct sale? If not, we recommend you find out.

Customer satisfaction

The ultimate goal of customer service is to improve customer satisfaction. Especially in a customer service event, such as a chat conversation, it's a good idea to ask for customer feedback. One good tool for this is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is commonly used to measure customer experience.

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