With our chatbot service, Telia saves the work hours of an 18-person team

How is a chatbot used to control the customer experience of a large site while saving resources? Telia is a good example of how our chatbot can handle routine customer service tasks and free the time of customer service personnel for more challenging customer encounters.

Telia has both a customer service chat and a chatbot. Their customer service chat serves an average of 75,000 customers per month. This process of customer service has slowly been automated with the use of our chatbot. ”We strive to give our customers an exceptional customer service experience and this goal is present in our work every day”,comments Tuula Heikkinen, Senior Vice President and Customer Engagement Channels manager.

The development of a chatbot for Telia began in 2015 but our chatbot grows with the business to fit their current needs. After implementing the chatbot it continues to be adjusted since it cannot learn how to solve complex issues on its own. A significant benefit a chatbot brings is its ability to respond instantly and around the clock. Even when the website is experiencing extreme traffic out chatbot will not get overwhelmed. 

Our chatbot has brought Telia significant savings through process automation: the chatbot can be calculated as saving the working hours of an 18-person team. 

In addition to solving issues of customer service, our chatbot makes automated additional sales possible. The chatbot is set to appear when certain terms are met and offers additional services or products based on what the customer is showing interest in. Depending on if the customer browsing the site is signed in or not the chatbot presents differently.

”Automation allows us to achieve multiple things at once: customers get better service, our customer service personnel can achieve their full potential and we are able to significantly reduce expenses”, states Product Owner Janne Nieminen. 

The chatbot for Telia has been designed and produced in close cooperation between Telia and Lekane. ”We have developed the technology based on Telia’s business aspirations and the collaboration has been fantastic thanks to open communication”, asserts Marko Virtanen, CEO of Lekane.

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