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CallBack — Don’t call us, we’ll actually call you back!

When making purchases and looking for information online, people search for the easiest possible solutions. When the information we want is not readily available, we tend to get frustrated and leave.

Although chatbots and artificial intelligence are increasingly present in our everyday lives, the need for people to communicate with other humans is still strong.   The research conducted by Opinium and IDC  highlights two important points:

  • Four out of five consumers want to receive service from a human.
  • 1 out of 4 consumers still feel that the phone is the best way to contact them.

Call-Back service makes the customers life easier

The goal of the call-back service is providing better customer service. Instead of making the customer wait in line at the company’s phone service while listening to mind numbing waiting music or feverishly looking for an answer for their problem on the website, they can leave their phone number on the website and transfer the responsibility of reaching out to the company.

Call-backs are an important part of the sales process for many companies. A large number of our customers use the call-back feature on their website. Multi-channels are a hot topic and the topic is directly connected to online sales. Customers have different needs and motives for buying, so where and how they want service is also individual.

Call-back as a part of the sales process

The contact request left by the customer is a strong signal for the company about the customers interest. That’s why, for example, handing and fulfilling call requests sent by customers must be a part of the company’s sales process.

Speed is of essence when processing call requests. Imagine a situation where you are searching for urgent help for fixing a leaky roof in your home. You search for information online and find a few potential companies that you request a quotation from or attempt to reach by phone. Although you are certainly interested in the price of the job, you will probably move forward with the company that is active and contacts you promptly.

Call-back is a great tool for customers in different stages of the buying process. In new customer acquisition, the role of a call-back service is to enable an almost real-time conversation with the seller and to give the customer help in choosing the right product or service for them. Call-back service can also be used to improve customer retention. If, for example, the customer is looking for instructions for terminating the service or cancelling an order, it’s crucial for a customer service representative to be able to contact the customer.

Call-back service included in the sales manager gauge

Monitoring the call-back service and collecting data on it is important. The data on returned calls should be available as a part of the sales managers metrics.

  • How many calls are taken care of and in what time?
  • How many call-back service situations lead to purchase?

These are some examples of questions to consider when measuring the results and efficiency of sales.

Do you want to hear more about how you can improve customer service and increase company sales by using a call-back service? Leave a contact request and we’ll talk more!

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