Surveypal - targeted customer surveys

Surveypal is an automated feedback collection system. The company helps businesses of all sizes to easily collect customer feedback. Surveypal provides an easy and visually appealing multi-channel feedback collection system, which attracts customers to respond to surveys.

Surveypal started working with Lekane in 2013 to improve the efficiency of respondent recruitment criteria. With Lekane's rule engine, the company is able to segment online visitors and pick up interesting respondents for feedback surveys. 

"With Lekanes rule engine, we can efficiently find the group of respondents our customers are looking for. For example, if a customer is leaving the website, we can activate a customer survey to identify the reasons for leaving. We can also target the survey to first-time visitors. In this way, we can get high-quality feedback on the development of the website," says Jussi Määttä from Surveypal.

Surveypal offers Lekane Dialogue rules engine as part of their service. ” Respondents react more positively to online surveys when the survey targets them at the right moment and does not hinder the actual purpose of the visit. We get a higher quality sample this way,” Määttä continues.

With our rule engine, we can pick customers according to your needs, for example for a survey. Contact us and we can further discuss a possible partnership.

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