Chatbot project leader, you are a hero!

While building chatbot projects, we have noticed what kind of multi-talents the leaders of chatbot projects on the customers side are. The implementation of chatbot projects can be handled in different ways depending on the company. This is because the bot works in different contexts: for example, it can help with customer service, bring additional sales to an online store or act as a websites FAQ section.

A chatbot project does not fit into any obvious compartment.

The challenge of a chatbot project for large companies in particular is that the bot project crosses so many silos. And companies are siloed! For us, this is visible in the fact that the buyer of a chatbot may find it in the areas of customer service, marketing, sales, e-commerce, IT or business development in general.

From a certain point of view, the leader of the chatbot project has a particularly difficult job. Who wants to be overworked (and possibly underpayed) while having a project on their to-do list that will practically never truly be over, requires a large number of people from different departments and connects different systems? Of course, the same actually applies to all kinds of other digitalisation-related projects. 

Hello company management! Please appreciate the people who drive home chatbot and other digitalisation projects for the company.

It’s not easy, on the contrary it’s very easy to fail. A chatbot project has many twists and turns at the organisational level:

Because people are not encourage to communicate outside their department knowledge can be hard to obtain.

The goals of different departments might not support the promotion of the chatbot project, even if a successful chatbot is in the interest of the entire company.

Budgeting for a chatbot can be hard when no department is willing to give a cut of their budget. 

How can you contribute to the chatbot project? As a leader, you can break down silos and strengthen communication and cooperation between different departments. As the leader of the project, you should strive to understand who are visible and who are the hidden influencers in the success of projects between different departments. 

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